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The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice

Atualizado: 3 de set. de 2023

mestrado-dissertation-tabelas-figuras-e-grc3a1ficos-tables-figures-and-graphics - 2023-06-
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The graphics I made on the variations in the average weights of mice of different ages in each group (Control Group, Study Group 1 and Study Group 2) during all experimental time, the details of the times of physical activity (aerobic and anaerobic) and the rest times after physical activity sessions are not in the scientific article of my dissertation. These data are in this post and can be a very important reference for future research in the area of genetic engineering and others fields of studies, of course.

Carcinógeno DMBA em modelos experimentais
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My dissertation and the article - ´´Minha´´ dissertação e o artigo científico relacionado
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grupo_af1 (1) - mestrado
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